Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Banned Israeli Campaign Commercial: The Arab Hatikvah

-* No Knowledge of Arabic Needed *-


Andy said...

It's so fitting. I just watched the video Paranoya on which is a support website for the expulded settlers from Gush Katif, Kfar Dom and others. The same mosque that got destroyed by Israel after the expulsion is seen here being laid fire to by exulting Arabs. As a first it was a sad day in Israels history.

yitz said...

This is great, Sultan, thanks for posting it, as well as the piece about the Amona hearings. Whose commercial was it, and who decided to ban it???

sultan knish said...

the jingle for it was done by Herut as a commercial, the photos were added by me

Anonymous said...

any changes coming ?

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