Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Yiddish for the Internet Age

Ich Blog - I Blog

Ehr Blogt Narishkeit - He Blogs Nonesense

Mein I-Pod Nano is Zurbrochen, a Zolchen Mazel Oif Steve Jobs - My I-Pod Nano is Broken, May Steve Jobs Have the Same Luck

Noch a Bluescreen! A Chalaerye Zol Bill Gates Chapen! - Another Blue Screen! May a Chalereye Get Bill Gates!

Mein Camera Hot Nisht Kein Memory. Lent mir an SD Memory Carte. - My Camera is Out of Memory. Lend Me an SD Memory Card.

HD\DVD, Blu-Ray, Chakt Mir Nicht Kein Chaynik Un Zog Mir Ve'fill Gigabytes Es Vert Halten on die Disk, Nisht in die Lab - HD\DVD or Blue-Ray, Don't Waste My Time, Tell me How Many Gigabytes it Holds on the Disk and not in the Lab.

Az Mir Vellen Geyen OpenSource, Vie Fur a Support Vellen Mir Kriggen? - If We Go OpenSource, What Kind of Support Will We Recieve?

Vos Fur a Meshugene Hot Gemacht Diese Podcast? - What Kind of Nut Made this Podcast?


Anonymous said...

That's cute

Matt said...

I like this Knish old boy.
Funny, entertaining. Now this allows my beefy lunch to go down easily.
Keep it up.

Devo said...

Very funny. With your permission, I'd like to post it to my own blog. I'll link to your site if you'd prefer.

sultan knish said...

thanks all and sure devo you're welcome to it

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