Thursday, March 08, 2007

More Shocking Horrific Photos of Hebron Settler Violence

You've seen the previous horrific videos taken by B'Tselem displaying such atrocities by Jewish residents of Hebron as one woman yelling at another and a little boy throwing tiny pebbles at a wall. These horrors have resulted in apologies from the Israeli government and international outrage and condemnation.

Now prepare now to behold some of the worst atrocities of them all that reveals just how badly the Jewish community of Hebron is tormenting the Arabs there. An investigation by the Peace Now\Olmert government is expected to result shortly.

Item 1: Zionist settlers dress up in terrifying costumes to frighten old Palestinian men. Eyewitnesses for B'Tselem and Rabbis for Human Rights describe mobs of panicking Arab men fleeing in terror of the tiger mask alone.

Item 2: As part of their ongoing terror campaign against Arab residents of Hebron, children have added to their arsenal of tiger costumes, stuffed lions. An upcoming documentary by HRW and Amnesty International next month will spotlight this atrocity. Tentatively titled, "The Stuffed Lions of Our Suffering", this film is expected to play internationally with a special showing to the Welsh parliament.

Item 3: Observers with ISM and Women in Black report that the IDF has added a clown axillary to the occupation forces. It is well known that Arabs are afraid of clowns, after so many generations of being ruled over by them, and that the Koran states, "Verily, all men of righteousness should beware the man who paints his face in white for he is the enemy of Allah and devours the bones of vengefulness."

The specter of the Zionist bunny haunts the Mosque of Omar, the 415th holiest place in Islam (not counting the Mecca Burger and Falafel stand.) Muslims everywhere have arisen in outrage over the profanation of the 8194th holiest place in Islam with bunny ears. Top clerics of the Religion of Peace promptly responded with a call to "scourge all the rabbits out of the homeland of the Palestinian people."

Haman, beloved martyr and hero of the Palestinian people, murdered by Zionist extremists is hung in effigy, thus further shaming and humiliating the proud and brave Palestinian people, whose many historical accomplishments include not existing until 1969 AD, inventing the rock and Keffiyahball.

Item 4: Mourners carry the prayer-shawl wrapped body of Erez Levanon who was murdered near Hebron. The sight of funerals for the people they murder is deeply offensive to the Palestinian people. Peace Now and the EU Commission on Human Rights strongly encourages Israel to permit the Palestinian people to properly dispose of their victims by tearing bloody pieces from them and holding them up for the cameras, according to their cultural prerogatives.


Lemon Lime Moon said...

How could you show such horrible photos on your blog?
Have you no sense of decency at all for the sensibilities of people?
I am shocked at you. I never thought you could do such a thing.

Keli Ata said...

Those stuffed lions and bunnies are always instigating trouble.

Abu Ali said...

How dare you misquote the koran you infidel beaver!
It is written this way
Verily, all men of righteousness should be wearing paint on his face for white is the enemy of alum and deters the homies of Venice.

Yobeeone said...

Ha! You can never trust clowns! Who knows what's hidden in that big read nose!

And rabbits??!!!! Hare raising at best!

Ok. I'll shut up now. Yo returns to her coffee.

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