Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pig Racing at the Mosque


Lemon Lime Moon said...

They can think about Rodeo too.
And lots of parties with fried "HAMburgers" with juicy bacon frying all day long on barbeques in the neighborhood.

Sultan Knish said...

oh yes and the pigs can attend mosque too if they're short

Andy said...

This is amazing. I went on MSNBC to write a latter of protest to Contessa Brewer or Brewster because she compared the incident with the flying imans that had to leave a US Air flight in Minneapolis with Rosa Parks. That's when I read about the article. Go to their message board and look for Seppl, that's Joseph, my middle name in Bavarian (grin).
But they make it look like it was just pertaining to some cattle or the pigs that happen to use the land that had been bought for the mosque. Not his actual land. So they make it look like a rumor that spread. But here he says it himself. Either it truly is a misunderstanding of his or the media is twisting it as usual.

Der Shygetz said...

I think that if they ever open the mosque, a pig or 2 or 24 should be allowed to mysteriously wander in every week during "Itbach al-Yahud Itbach al-Amrika" or whatever the Friday evening worship of Moloch is called.

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