Monday, November 06, 2006

Millions Will Die Within the Decade

This statement sounds outrageous, over 50 years after the Holocaust, it should be, but it's not.

Millions of Jews Will Die Within the Decade.

Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Iran's leader believes that he is sent by Allah to wipe out Israel and bring in the reign of the Shiite Messiah. When Iran has nuclear weapons it will use them. There is no credible argument that it will not. The only question is whether Iran will launch directly use one of its affiliated terrorist groups such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad or Hizbullah to carry out the attacks.

Hizbullah is the most likely scenario. The recent Lebanese war was a testing ground for what would happen if Hezbollah were to stage attacks on Israeli towns and cities using Lebanon as a base. Olmert's government demonstrated Israel's futile response.

Hizbullah has already received advanced rockets and missiles from Iran and in the previous war, Iranian personnel conducted much of the campaign using the Iranian embassy as a command and control center. A nuclear attack would begin with Iran transporting nuclear devices to Lebanon's Shiite Hizbullah controlled territories and then launching them at Israeli cities.

Iran would have plausible deniability. Lebanon would be immune from retaliation over the actions of Hizbullah, as the last war demonstrated. Not that anyone would bother to punish genocide directed against Jews. As WW2 demonstrated no one will go to war over dead Jews or even throw the dying ones a lifeline.

If Israel is to survive the decade, if the millions of Jews in the Jewish state are to survive, the actions taken now will make the difference. Israel will have to make serious changes in leadership. An air raid will no longer be enough to stop Iran's nuclear projects, the way it put a temporary end to Saddam's ambitions. If things get any further along it may take drastic action and preemptive attack with weapons of mass destruction.

America will need leaders prepared to stop Iran because if the world demonstrates it will do nothing when Iran destroys Israel, Iran's little Hitler will react just the way the original Hitler did when the world did nothing after the German invasion of Czechoslovakia, and begin a broader campaign of invasion and mass murder.

The Bush Administration under Condoleeza Rice has demonstrated growing weakness on Iran, but it's nothing compared to how much of a pushover Democratic administrations have been and will be.

A vote for the Democrats, at the Congressional or Presidential level, means signing the death warrant for millions of Jews. And millions of Persians and Arabs too. And there's no telling where Iran's weapons will strike next.

A nuclear blast detonated in New York City, a death toll in the millions, is impossible for the average person to imagine. Imagine 9/11 then. See the remains of the burning towers and the lines of people streaming away across the bridge and anywhere but from Ground Zero.

See that scene again but every building in Manhattan and most of Brooklyn and parts of Queens is burning. The city is burning and Central Park is a charnel heap. There is no Upper West Side or East Village anymore. There is no Williamsburg or Park Slope. There are just miles of burning rubble and the dead are beyond counting. The living who stagger out of the blast zone have no eyes to see with.

In that terrible silence; gay marriage, abortion, welfare, affirmative action, the NEA, the NRA, corporate monopolies, social security; all these things you think the election is about will be revealed as the mad frivolities of a society drunk on its ignorance of the world as it is. None of these things matter. Philosophical differences that are the indulged luxuries of people living in a bubble away from reality.

It isn't too late but it will be. Soon. And to those liberals who aren't put out in the least by all this, consider one final thing. Remember the surge of patriotism after 9/11, remember how much of a blank check the Republicans got. Then imagine the impact a nuclear blast within an American city will have. After 9/11 the Democrats spent Bush's term taking an unprecedented beating in every branch of government. After a nuclear blast on American soil, the Democratic party would go the way of the Know-Nothing and Reform parties and so would any liberal agenda.

The time is now. We're approaching the finish line one way or another. Ahmadinejad will not be dissuaded by any of the pragmatic considerations of Soviet leaders. He is on a mission from god. Nothing will stop him except a miracle or armed force. If neither does, millions of Jews will die within the decade.

And when that happens no one will be able to say as they did after the Holocaust that they did not know, that they did not see it coming. We knew. We saw. And we went on playing our frivolous games while the clock counted down until it was too late.


Lemon Lime Moon said...

Exactly right.

Udiyah said...

I see you're reading Joan Peter's book. That's a good one. I suggest Oriana Fallaci if you haven't read her yet .. 'The Rage and the Pride' and the one I'm reading now, The Force of Reason.' Needless to say these are a masterpiece of truth and history of the Islamic tsunami of Infidal blood. Not many speak as she did, May G-d rest her soul and may her memory be for a blessing. War is coming. May we merit the witnessing the coming of maschiach in our day and be fit to kick a little Islamass in the meantime.

Keliata said...

During the 1980s Americans was terrified at the mere idea of a Russain launched nuclear disaster. The fear was palpable. I remember the controversy over ABC airing "The Day After" because for many people just the thought it was too frightening, even in the form of a fictionalized movie.

Now, people fear terrorist-hijacked planes, but I doubt many think Iran will really launching a nuclear attack. They see them as a bunch of radical backwards Middle Eastern lunatics spewing rhetoric. They don't see these same terrorists who went to great lengths to learn how to fly as capable of pushing a button to destroy millions.

During the Lebanese War each and every time I heard Hezbollah say they wanted to shoot their rockets "deeper into Israel" I knew what they were really saying. Deeper into Israel. Those three words spoke volumes for some reason. Much more more than the overt statements about wiping Israel off the face of the earth. I don't know why but something clicked in me with those words and I understood--really understood--what they were saying. They want another Holocaust, another genocide to rid their world of Jews. No need for tanks or troops.

Maybe it's because the overt threat seems too much like rhetoric but the more subtle "deeper into Israel" resonated on a deeper level. I don't know.

Far too many people want to dismiss the rantings of Iran's president as just that--the rantings of a delusional religious fanatic. A lunatic.

Hitler ranted too. Hitler worked the masses into a frenzy. He created a grotesque mob mentality and an atmosphere where genocide was acceptable, just as muslim clerics are doing worlwide.

I fear many Americans and Europeans know the truth--that the Iranians are serious. They want to kill millions of Jews and anyone else they regard as an infidel, which is the whole of humanity that won't convert to Islam. The question is, do they care?

In the days after Sept. 11 we all witnessed the devastation, the building falling like a house of cards, we heard reports of people essentially being cremated because the fires were so intense. Pictures began to surface.

But ground zero has gradually been cleared of rubble and debris. Normal television programming replaced the 24/7 news reports on the attacks.

It's now just something that happened five years ago, something to be remembered with wreaths and speeches once a year.

Out of sight, out of mind. And isn't it easy to busy our minds with debates over abortion and gay marriages? Those seem more real than the "rhetoric" about a nuclear attack coming from religious nuts.

catlady said...

look we're Jews and Jews believe in G-d-THAT's what matters-cleaving to G-d with all you heart soul and might
doing everything you can to correct your midos, making teshuvah for your wrongs.
I mean what else can we do?
Nuke the middle east? Then Israel would have toxic radiation to deal with, and besides even if we turned all the muslim lands to glass, some of the WORST terrorist cells are operating in germany, europe, the usa, and even Israel.
A fews guys with suitcase nukes, or bio/chems is all that's needed.
So whatareugonna do? Round up all the "muslims" , billions of them? Then there's still Kim Jong Ill, and Chavez, and the communists and
ETA and whatever else-the earth liberation front, 12 monkeys...

Your right-the actions taken now are what matters. But are you seriously suggesting the action we need to take is to vote republican?!!!! Israel voted for Sharon and look what happened.

your right, issues like gay rights, abortion, corporate abuse etc, are not what matters.
What matters is the IDEAS behind these issues. Ideas like justice, mercy, and truth-these are what matter. Discerning truth from falsehood, discerning whether the mercy is the mercy of fools or if the justice is the justice of the cruel. Pondering these things brings us closer to G-d.
Your right, when people are running around with their skin burning off, their minds do not contemplate abstract ideals.

Now is the time to think about these things.

I want to mention my personal experience and how I came to decide to be an "Orthodox" Jew.
I said a prayer to G-d, I cried out from the depths-I was so upset with what I was seeing happening with Israel and the Jews, but I've always been a feminist so I was feeling like I had to choose -haters of zionazis or haters of feminazis. The "frum" Jewish blogs at the time were all saying that the rebublicans were the best for Israel. So I was in despair-did
G-d actually want me to vote republican?!!!! For the people who hate feminazis?
So I cried out and one of the things I asked G-d was this, I said, "if a woman matters less than a zygote I'll accept that, if that is Your Truth I'll accept it, I'll march with people that call women nazi's and abortion a holocaust if that's Your Will, only please SHOW ME because I don't see how that could possibly be Your Will.

And I meant it.
Think about that.

Because there where NO Jews telling me otherwise, at least not the religiouse ones.
ALL the religiouse Jews sounded just like the xtians who could tell them apart?
I NEVER heard ANYONE talk about how preciouse a woman's life is. Oh sure they'd say things like "abortion is permissable to save the woman's life" but they never elaborated on just what "save the women's life" means.
Like HOW MUCH of a threat to her life? What if it's a 50 50 chance she'll die does it have to be 50% or more risk? Does she need several doctors opinions to testify to the risk? Does she need a rabbi's permission or several rabbi's permission? What if there's only a small chance she'll die do they make her take the chance? What if she's having twins, or quintuplets, is it still okay to kill them to save her life?
And what about those women dead from illegal abortions, why don't their lives count when we say "except to save the woman's life"? If we can ignore those "women's lives" why should I believe you won't ignore other dead women? Why should I trust you with my life?
NOBODY elaborated on "women's lives". The ONLY time women's lives are mentioned is as an addendum, to yet another of the unrelenting pontifications against abortion, "except to save the womans life" is just a footnote . They never elaborate on this. And you know why? Because WOMEN"S LIVES don't MATTER. If they did there would be essays about "women's lives". Woman matters less than a zygote-less than zero zygotes really-she just doesn't matter at all.
All the people who claim to represent G-d, Catholics Protestants and Orthodox Jews have delivered this message loud and clear. So I asked G-d.

Do you know how destroyed you have to be to be willing to accept it if G-d tells you matterless than a zygote ?
How destroyed you have to be to be willing to follow G-d even if G-d thinks your a hitler nazi baby killer who deserves to bleed to death in an alley way for the crime of killing a fertiled human egg?
And that's why so many feminists are ignoring the horror of Isl'm. Because they can't ask G-d the question I asked because the possible answer is too horrible.
Compared to that-
the horrors of Isl'm aren't so bad. At least you KNOW Isl'm is WRONG so there's room for improvemnt -but if G-d actually thinks woman matters less than a zygote...
that's spiritual obliteration!
How can you love a G-d that doesn't love you? Truly love G-d with all your heart?

It would be nice if frum Jews actually worked on CARING about women-FOR REAL-not just mentioning genocide of females in China as a way to put down feminism for your own ego purposes looking down your oh so holy noses as you critisize everybody except yourself.

blaming abortion and homosexuality for what's wrong in the world instead of blaming yourselves for failing to be a light of Torah to the people who need it the most.

Or blaming women's lack of tznius for the missiles falling on Israel while never mentioning men's lack of tznius -like maybe the Jewish men who view pornography-no it's the women's elbows causing the missiles to fall!
You'd think we'd have learned something since day six but nooooo

the situation in this world is such that the ONLY sane thing we can do is teshuva-return to G-d.
Because if there is no such thing as G-d then humanity is toast. Even if we aren't nuked and there actually comes a peace -what kind of "peace" will that be? A peace without Israel? Without Torah Judaism? A peace where we can choose hundreds of channels of dreck and banality? Peace with a walmart on every corner, affordable plastic surgery?
A peace that is really spiritual death?
I don't want to have to choose physical obliteration OR spiritual obliteration.
I Choose G-d
I recommend you do the same

Yobeeone said...

Yip. A vote for democrats means arab rule by 2010....or sooner.

And a vote for Senator DeWine is to vote for a mamser who voted for ILLEGAL immigrants to have all the benefits of LEGAL citizens.

Had to toss that one in! :]

Lemon Lime Moon said...

A vote for Dems means sorrow, a vote for Republicans means America will be part of Mexico in a few years.
There is no choice in the election at all.
Each party is bad, and the only choice left to people is the lesser of two evils.
Hardly what America should be about.

Lemon Lime Moon said...

catlady you wish to return to God on Your terms, not his.
His terms decry what you would defend.

Keliata said...

Just my opinion--I've not thrilled with the Republican party, and the Democrats largely stand for everything I am against.

What to do? Find an issue that is the most important to me--national security and support of Israel--and vote for the candidates that are closest to my views on these issues.

I'm voting republication. They're flawed, but at least they have a better grasp of what is at stake than their Democratic colleagues.

Catlady, when I decided to convert, I accepted Hashem as Hashem and didn't try to mold for myself a new "god." That meant accepted (and growing to love) all of his words, laws, commandments, even those I don't understand and conflict with what I want to do.

He is the master of the universe not me.

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