Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Winners Are In, in the 'Draw-A-Putin' Contest

Update: The winners are in of yesterday's Draw Putin Contest and we have some serious work by some very talented children for you.

1st Prize: Lemon Lime Moon

2nd Prize: Alexander Pukeupski with Mona Putin

3rd Prize: Tie between

Little Katrina with Rivers of Blood

Lemon Lime Moon with Putin Man of the People: Statue of UnLiberty

Vlad the Impaler: Created by Lemon Lime Moon : Inspired by 'Keli-ata'

Honorable Mention


Lemon Lime Moon said...

Well, I am happy at least.
I now own Russia and have a hot dog.

Sultan Knish said...

the hot dog is a lot more use and less moldly

Lemon Lime Moon said...

Maybe, but I am cleaning Russia up now.
I need to take time to decide about the carpets and drapes.

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