Thursday, October 26, 2006

Signs People are Getting Sick of Muslims After All

No it's not a David Letterman Top Ten list and it's nothing something noticeable in the United States which has not really suffered from Muslim occupation yet the way Europe and Australia have (not counting the Nation of Islam a portion of whose murderous spree was recounted in 'Nation of Islam's 275 Murders')

But there are more and more signs in Europe and Australia that people are getting mighty sick of Muslims.

All the furor over Australia's top Muslim cleric calling rape victims, 'uncovered meat' who would have been safe if they'd stayed 'in their room at home wearing a hijab' and are the ones really to blame for it, is one sign.

Sheikh Taj Din al-Hilali, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, says awful things the way most people will tell you the time. He's said the Holocaust was manufactured by Zionists and Jews are behind all the wars in the world. He's called for the murder of Americans and had ties to Jihadi publications featuring material praising Osama Bin Laden. And nothing.

The press did their best to cover up the Muslim factor in the mass gang rapes when they actually came to trial and when Muslim figures say something awful, they generally ignore it. Not this time. The Aussie press has just begun sinking its teeth into the story, interviewing former rape victims, disclosing Hilali's terrorist connections and not accepting his excuses or his daughter's full court press in his defense. Believe it or not that's something new.

In England Jack Straw said what any European really thinks when confronted with a woman dressed in a trash bag, but haven't been allowed to say in a while. And most shockingly instead of a roar of outrage by the press, there was a lot of agreeable muttering along the lines of, 'well the fellow's got a point.'

In France the Foreign Minister said that he had been wrong and now understood Israel's Separation Fence was necessary. For a French Foreign Minister this is akin to Galileo declaring to the Pope, 'And Yet It Moves.' But for all their cheese-eating surrender-monkeyness, the French have banned the Hijab, made denying the Muslim Turk's genocide against the Armenians illegal and are out nightly fighting Muslim rioters.

We might sneer at France but when have we ever done as much domestically? Instead we nervously look the other way whenever anyone suggests Islam might be the problem. 'Goodness no,' our government insists, 'it's just those two guys in a cave who still haven't talked to Karen Hughes and gotten things straightened out.' But of course all we had was 9/11. 9/11 was bad but it doesn't compare to 1/12th of your population consisting of a homicidal death cult who deciding they want to take over your country.

And Germany, good old Teutonia, blanched with shock when it realized the very possibility of Muslim outrage caused them to cancel a revisionist artistic interpretation of a Mozart opera. Mass murder is one thing. Germans are used to it. That and sneering at the dirty foreigners they imported to do the jobs they don't want to do. Before it was Poles and Slovaks. Now it's Turks. But causing them to cancel a Mozart opera, now you've gone too far.

A Danish court threw out a defamation lawsuit over the Mohammed cartoons. Now in any European court all it takes to win a defamation lawsuit is usually to just show up. France's Channel 2 won the Al-Dura trial by presenting in evidence a letter from President Chirac supporting them. That's it. No other evidence. (It's also how trials are won in Zimbabwe and North Korea.) But it seems the Danes have gotten a little tired of Muslims too.

What is all of this adding up to? It's the vocalization of a growing wave of resentment against Muslim immigrants slapping around the natives and stepping on their customs. The Europeans decided colonialism was wrong and withdrew from Africa, the Middle East and Asia but not without importing millions of them as cheap labor. Now they're waking up to realize they're the ones being colonized and they're the natives.

This time around Cortez, Christopher Columbus, Captain Cook and Cecil Rhodes are Muslims. They didn't come on ships but by visas and are throwing up their own colonies everywhere. And the natives are perturbed. They wanted cheap labor but they're getting something else entirely. Most of their outrage is directed at the Muslim assault on their own native customs.

What Europeans are increasingly realizing is that Muslim minorities are dictating to them what they can print in their newspapers, what operas they can put on, what books they can publish and what their women can wear. For the last half century Europe worked hard to create an idyllic socialist utopia where everyone was taxed to death and no one hard to work very hard and could live in a stupor in beer gardens and beaches and cafes whiling away the fall of their civilization. Now they're getting a rude awakening.

Don't get me wrong. Europe is not about to back the War on Terror or express much in the way of sympathy for Israel. To the average European, an America is still something to be looked at with a vaguely nauseated expression like a bug the waiter left on his table. A Jew is looked at the way if the bug was actually in his plate mixed in with the food. Nevertheless repeated slaps across the face by the Sons of Mahomet are finally succeed in communicating to the foggiest European that those ragged savages they imported to do their work for them and patronized relentlessly are stomping all over their way of life. And that's something Europeans won't tolerate for very long.


Lemon Lime Moon said...

This is the result of disproportionate response in the French suburbs.

News for Jews said...

may it be enough

Yobeeone said...

yea!!! now I know why I can't read Lemon's blog today! it's not just my imagination and bad mazel. you maimed it! :] hope you get it straightened out soon.

Back to the French(fries)! The Frenchies are such prigs it defies my imagination that they're not fighting back harder. Weird.

Lemon Lime Moon said...

Since Lemonlimemoon is out of business due to Bloggers ineptitude(try hiring americans for pete sake)....I might as well comment here. Muwaahahah.
Jack Straw turned out to be a man of straw when he recanted his position.
France battles nightly and literally thousands of cops are dying and wounded but they do not do what they must in such a situation but, well, they are masocistic.

Keliata said...

HI Lemon, Hi Yobee, Hi Sultan, nice to meet you News for Jews.

It's somewhat reassuring that the Europeans and Aussies are waking up to the reality that Muslims want to control them, they're not the harmless, peace-loving immigrants that just need a helping hand and fair shake from society.

I hope, I pray the US wakes up to this reality before it's too late. We need to tell muslims no when they start this stuff.

Anonymous said...

It's not just Australian infidels who are waking up to Islam's hypocrisy. Quite a few Aussie muslims are jumping up and down too. They are furious that their Head Cleric (Hilali) has said something so ridiculous. They understand that these kind of comments cause all of us to hate the muslims... and they are very unhappy about it. Many muslim women in Australia do not wear the hijab or anything else... they dress like the rest of us. So they are also incensed.

It is the only topic on Sydney talkback radio today.

The latest response by Sheif Hilali to calls for his sacking is "(I will go) when the White House is clean".

yobeeone said...

The Aussies could always give lovely house warming gifts to muzlim immigrants. Like a lovely decorated box of Fierce snakes! And perhaps a few King Browns tossed in just for the bite of it. :] And let's not leave out several aggressive Bird-eating Spiders! I think it would be Fang-tastic! :]

marallyn ben moshe said...

shabbat shalom sultan...arafat warned us...he said that they would win because of two reasons...their patience and their wombs...and no one listened...statistics show that in less than twenty years the sons of ishmael can elect their own president...american president...allah hu akbar

Keliata said...

Shabbat shalom, Sultan :) and to everyone else posting here.

Lemon Lime Moon said...

To anyone who loses hope about the situation of the West which includes all Israel, I have read the "book" and in the end God wins.
No need to worry. ;)

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