Friday, March 11, 2005

The General tries to command the women

having run out of support in his own party whose own decisions he has ignored time and time again, Sharon is becoming increasingly desperate for support

first he has turned to peace now to enlist american jews into supporting his deportation plan (let's call the spade a spade shall we, when you kick 8000 people out of their homes it ain't disengagement or evacuation)

I can't think of a better way for Sharon to boost his credibility than having Arafat's best friends who have supported every disastrous israel concession to Arafat shilling for him

finally Sharon stomped off, beer belly juggling, to the Likud women telling them to make their husbands vote for the budget. It never occured to the overweight Barak wannabe obviously that some of the women were doing the voting too, rather than just being accessories for their husbands.

It's ironic that for a celebration of International Women's Day Sharon is stuck in a gender time warp, something he should know better than since there are several Likud female MK's he's been negotiating with. But set all that aside and we can the true magnitude of Sharon's humiliation.

The General who once commanded armies can no longer command his own party, his greatest allies are his enemies who side with him out of convenience and he is reduced to harraunging the wives of his party to try and convince their husbands to side with him.

Even Rabin never fell so low.


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